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R: $4.50

L: $5.25

also available in lunch special combo

  • classic lemonade

  • strawberry lemonade

  • peach lemonade

  • mango lemonade

  • passion fruit lemonade

  • honeydew lemonade

  • lavender lemonade

  • lychee lemonade

  • blueberry lemonade

  • pineapple lemonade

  • banana lemonade

add a scoop of any boba topping for 75¢

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$3.25 each or 2 for $6

rice, egg, and teriyaki Spam wrapped in nori

in-store orders only

back in stock while supplies lasts!

Pork & Bamboo Steamed Buns

$2.25 each or 2 for $3.95

order online or in-store


Daily Lunch Special

open - 3pm
16oz tea
lunch size poke bowl
popcorn chicken bentobox

upgrade the Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken to Honey Glazed Chicken for $1!

available Monday through Sunday. in-store orders only.

*before tax. does not include cost of boba topping(s).

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